Cute Beauty Pageant Hairstyles For Kids To Win Their Next Beauty Pageant

Pageant Friends, Here are More Beauty Pageant Hairstyles that are not only important for Pre-teens, Teens and Up, but their just as important for our Kids, Little Girls, Little Boys and Toddlers as well!

Again, we don't want to spend lots of money on creating cute Pageant Hairstyles for kids. Using the images below, you can quickly do these hairstyles. Judges love to see kids with ribbons, bows, barrettes, twisties, beads, pony-tails, buns, French rolls, braids, pin-ups, spiral curls, no hair (for boys), or even long hair (for boys), hats/caps (for boys).

Any of these looks below will surely help you to win the "Prettiest Hair" category if the pageant has one.

Take a look below and choose from any of these winning Beauty Pageant Hairstyles!

Pageant Hairstyles
Little Girls

Ok, you've seen the teens, pre-teen, women and the little girl Pageant Hairstyles, now it's time to show you some little boy styles. Please keep in mind it is alright if your little boy has long hair! As a matter of fact many judges love it! Nothing is more adorable than a little boy with the most beautiful hair. Remember, his long hair could win him the crown in the "Pretties Hair" Competition.

Pageant Hairstyles
Little Boys

Pageant Friends, wait we're still not finished yet! Last but certainly not least, we have to show you Hairstyles for our toddlers. These little people are the cutest ever! Now, I know it can be difficult to find cute hairstyles for these little ones, especially if they don't have any hair yet! (smile) However, even if with no hair, there's still plenty you can do to dress up their outfits and bring out their personality. You can try hats, ribbons, bows, or a few barretts. These toddler hairstyles below are sure to help your child win the crown!

Pageant Hairstyles

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