Are Natural Pageants Better Than Glitz Pageants?

Natural Pageants have been around for a very long time. They began in the late 1800s and then became more popular in the early 1900s. When looking at the history and how they started off encouraging women to be leaders in their communities, build their confidence and self-esteem to where they are now, is astounding! Pageants back then didn't just focus on the beauty of a woman, though it was a big factor. Her strength, character and goals were winning attributes as well and beauty was an added bonus!

Today Pageants not only focus too much on beauty, but enhancing beauty.

Child Pageants in particular, encourage the use of heavy makeup, over-the-top crystal-embellished attire, full-body spray tans, flippers/veneers for their teeth, lengthy false eyelashes, false nails, body enhancements and false hair pieces.

These additional features allowed by the children are known as Glitz Pageants. They dramatize the experience into a more glamorous event. Parents may spend a few thousand dollars if not more to enter their child into this type of Pageant.

An example of a Glitz Pageant would be the television show, Toddler's and Tiara's. It's more of a reality show on how parents prepare their children to compete in Glitz Pageants.









Glitz Dresses





Natural Pageants are just the opposite.

They focus more on the contestant's natural look. Just about everything allowed and/or required in Glitz is not permitted. Many Natural organizations will deduct points from a contestant's score should they have some of the Glitz elements such as flippers, heavy makeup, false hair pieces and body enhancements.

These Pageants focus more on the contestant's overall natural look without anything added.

An example of a Natural Pageant is the International Sunburst Beauty Pageant, which is not a reality television show, but has been featured on the Travel channel and the Discovery channel.







Natural Dresses


There are just as many Natural as there are Glitz Pageants around the globe, all offering crowns, trophies, scholarships and much more.

However, when choosing one over the other, just remember what's important to you and/or your child.

Try asking yourself this question, would I rather see my child on stage with beauty enhancements or would I rather see my child on stage showing off their natural beauty?

Whatever you decide, remember, only you know what's best for your child.

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