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I think boys are so much easier to shop for then girls because you don't have to worry about so many colors and accessories!

As a Pageant Judge, I see the cutest boys in great colors such as blue, navy, black, gray, white, dark purple, brown, beige and green. These colors compliment little boys' silly and fun personalities on stage. Also many of these colors bring out their eye color and hair color as well.

Remember, if your little boy has pretty hair, enter him into the "Prettiest Hair" Competition, also know as an Optional or Side Award. Now don't get me wrong, I do sometimes see little boys in pink or red, but not too often. If I do, it's usually a dress shirt under a suit or sweater. This looks good as well!

Ok, so what do you choose for your little boy to wear in a Boy Pageant?

You want to not only choose something cute for him, but you want him to be comfortable on stage in the outfit as well. I see many little boys who are so uncomfortable in the pants, shirt and sweater that mom or dad picked out, because it's too small.

When you choose from the selection of outfits I'm going to show you in my Pageant Clothes For Boys Store, please make sure you know your child's size.

Now, let's get to the clothes, my suggestions are for infants, babies, toddlers and even little boys who are between the ages of 5 and 8. However, many Pageants for boys don't go over the age of 4. This is because many parents rarely enter their sons in Boy Pageants after 24 months (2 years of age). Although, occasionally you may see up to age 6 in some Pageants.

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Boy Pageant Clothes

I love to watch little boys on stage! They have some of the bests personalities that I always enjoy!

Remember Parents, if you're looking for hairstyles for your sons, check here!

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