Favorite Beauty Pageants
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Beauty Pageants are more common today amongst not only children, but adults as well!  There are hundres or more "Glitz & Glam" and "Natural" Beauty Pageants around the world that can lead you to local modeling.

"You choose the one that's best for you."

Certainly this has to be a hard task to do since there are so many, so let me make it a little easier for you and pick the two pageants I like because they are less Glitzy, but more about Natural beauty and both are Nationally known.


Best Natural Pageant #1
Sunburst International and Modeling Beauty Pageant

This is a pageant organization that focuses on natural beauty and less on the glitz and glamour (lots of makeup/fake pony-tails/etc). I like this pageant because it's in just about every state as well as Alaska and Hawaii.

This pageant also has a Top Model Look Competition within the contest where your photo's and/or your on-camera appearance can be seen by Top Modeling agencies.

That's right, this could lead you right into local modeling and get you some national exposure as well! Wouldn't that be cool? This is actually how I got into modeling!

Below is a head-shot picture of me that I turned in for the Sunburst State Finals Patron Ad Book.

To enter this pageant is very easy.

All you have to do is go the website www.sunburstbeauty.com and select your state and find out where they will hold a local preliminary pageant in your area.

Preliminaries are great because it gives you the chance to walk on stage and practice your walk, posture and confidence in front of a small crowd before the larger one at the State Pageant...remember these are just a few of the very important aspects to local modeling.

Also, after the initial entry fee of about $45-50 (could be more or less in some states), Sunburst pays your State Beauty fees of $250, of course that's after you win the crown or place as a runner-up in Beauty or Optional categories!

What I really like about this pageant is their age divisions range from Babies (including Boy & Girl Beauties), Child Beauties of all ages (including Pre-teen & Teen Beauties)and Miss Beauties up to 27 years old.

This is me to the left being crowned as the winner at a Sunburst Preliminary Pageant.

So if you are 27 and under here's your chance to start your local modeling career! If you're older than 27 don't worry! I still have beauty pageant and local modeling advice, secrets and tips for you! (smile)

Best Natural Pageant #2
America's Cover Miss & Cover Boy USA Beauty Pageant

I call this pageant "Rip the Runway" beauty pageant because it has a Vogue category that you can enter at the State Pageant.

Now you can't tell me you don't want to work your stuff on the pageant runway! :-)

This pageant also focuses less on glitz and more on natural beauty. It's also located in just about every state as well as Alaska and Hawaii.

In the Vogue category, you can wear whatever you want and either dance or "work it" to the beat of the music.

When I entered this beauty pageant, I actually "worked it" to the music because at the time I didn't know I was supposed to have a mini dance routine made up....so I cat-walked the entire stage and added my own little dance moves as I went along! Talk about hilarious!

I had so much fun and believe it or not the pageant judges actually liked my "routine" and my Vogue outfit!

Check out my "Vogue" attire that I actually designed myself!

I try to be creative and let my imagination run wild sometimes!

To enter this pageant is also very easy. Just go to this website http://www.americascovermiss.com and click on State Directors, then click on your state and then click on the website link that comes up on that page. 

This should tell you where the local preliminary pageant in your area will be held. Phone numbers and email addresses are also listed if you have questions for the State Directors.

This preliminary pageant entry fee is about $35-45 and like the Sunburst Pageant, after you either win the crown or place as a runner-up, America's Cover Miss & Cover Boy USA Pageant will pay your $200 State Fee.

The age divisions for this contest are very similar to the Sunburst Pageant except their Miss division only goes to age 25 years old.

This is me taking the crown, the trophy and best dressed award at an America's Cover Miss & Cover Boy Preliminary.

This is me in the Swimwear Competition at America's Cover Miss & Cover Boy State Pageant! I won Talent (I sing), Beauty and Swimwear!

Out of all of the Beauty Pageants out there, these are my Top 2 that I advise you to enter that can lead you to local modeling. Sorry I can't choose one over the other because both have so much to offer especially when it comes to launching your local modeling career!

I have great experiences by participating in and working with both pageant organizations.

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