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....Hello From Cyndi!!!!!

I've been involved in beauty pageants for about 14 years, as a contestant, a coach, a director's assistant, a judge, a spokesperson, an interviewer and a titleholder.  Therefore, I know a lot about beauty pageants. I’ve also been called the “Master Interviewer” when it comes to pageants and interviews in general. 

I’ve studied, researched, interviewed others, read dozens of books on interviewing and if I may say so myself, I interview very well when I’m prepared with pageant questions in advance.  This Pageant Interview Questions for Pre-teen, Teen & Miss eBook contains 50 Advanced Pageant Interview Questions And Answers that you may be asked during your next pageant interview. 

However, this time, you don’t have to be nervous about what questions may be asked, because you will be armed with some example answers that you can use!



Advanced Pageant Interview Questions & Answers

Why I Wrote This Pageant Interview
Questions for 
Pre-teen, Teen & Miss With Answers eBook


I wrote this eBook because I realized that often-times pre-teen, teen and miss contestants get really nervous before the pageant interview because they are stressing out about the questions they might be asked.  They wonder if they’ll answer them correctly, stutter while giving the answer or draw a complete blank during the interview all together.

Well girls & ladies, you don’t have to stress anymore!  These 50 Pageant Interview Questions and Answers will help you to master any type of question that may be asked of you.  These are some of the most advanced practice questions and answers that you’ll come across.  Master these and you’ll definitely be prepared to win the crown or even win best interview.

There are also 10 Interview Bonus Tips at the end of this eBook Plus more questions and answers, which will help you during the interview process as well.  Sometimes, contestants don’t realize that the little things can make or break their interview score. 

Just think, if you knew some of these little things, you could be so much better prepared before the interview and be able to relax going in, unlike the other contestants.

Who This eBook Is For


This Pageant Interview Questions For Pre-teen, Teen & Miss With Answers eBook is for those contestants competing in Pre-teen, Teen and Miss Pageants.  This eBook is written for any Natural, Semi-Glitz or Full Glitz Pageant System.  Questions, answers and tips in this eBook can also be used to prepare you for a Preliminary, Local, State or National Pageant Competition that has an Interview portion of the pageant. 

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t go to your next Pageant Interview Unprepared!

Get your hands on these 50 Advanced Pageant Interview Questions For Pre-teen, Teen & Miss With Answers Now!  Don't forget also included are 2 Bonuses as well....

10 Pageant Interview Tips and MORE Pageant Interview Questions with Answers


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