Winning Beauty Pageants

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The Secrets To Winning Beauty Pageants are really not that hard to grasp. However, if you don't do these secrets just right then you'll be scored pretty low and more than likely won't win. I like to break these Secrets down into 3 MINI CATEGORIES.

Which are Secret Personality, Eyes and Walking, also known as my unique acronym I like to call 


Most people think or believe that you have to have a beautiful pageant gown or a pretty face to win a Beauty Pageant. However, after judging for 10 years now and being a former contestant myself and talking with other judges and directors, you'll see that it's way much more than that---you need inside secrets to winning beauty pageants!

Secrets To Winning Beauty Pageants
Tip #1
Secret Personality

Your personality is crucial in the Pageant world and in the Local Modeling world. Why, well if you are not warm, friendly and outgoing then no one will want to get to know you, book you for jobs or even pay you for that matter!

As soon as you arrive at the Beauty Pageant location you are being watched! I'm not trying to scare you, but at this point all eyes will be on you.

From the check-in person at the desk, to the judges and even other contestants and their families. All eyes will be on you! This is your opportunity to shine! Even before you get on stage you want to wow anyone and everyone because you don't know who's a judge and who's not.

Don't get me wrong, you don't want to be fake or phony, but you do want to spice up your smile and your attitude! Be very approachable. That means, make people want to talk to you. You do that by smiling and speaking to everyone you see. This helps you to loosen up even before you get on stage!

Beauty Pageants are similar to auditions, whoever presents themselves the best wins in many cases! Your bubbly and likable Secret personality will also help you to do well on your mini commercial, also known as your Introduction or your Bio about yourself.

Yes even at Local and Preliminary Beauty Pageants you'll have to speak once you get on stage. The interview portion of the Pageant does not come until you attend a State or National Pageant in most pageants.

More tips to come about your "10-15 Second Beauty Pageant Introduction/Speech" - coming soon!

Secrets To Winning Beauty Pageants
Tip #2
Secret Eyes

You're probably wondering what in the world does my eyes have to do with a Beauty Pageant! Believe it or not, Everything!

You've worked on your secret personality and being friendly and approachable, now let's work on your secret eye contact.  Trust me, this is one of the TOP secrets to winning a beauty pageant.


Do you know that if you never look at the judges and are looking into outer space somewhere you can cost yourself the whole pageant?


Yes, you can! You should always want to make direct eye contact with the judges.


This shows them that you are confident and not afraid to look at them! Even if on the inside you are terrified, you don't have to show it right? NO...the whole time you are on the stage you should be looking at the judges and smiling with your eyes.


Smiling with your eyes, doesn't Tyra Banks talk about that a lot on America's Next Top Model? Yup, she sure does! It's not hard to do and Beauty Pageants will help you to become a Pro at this!


Let's use an example, what if the Pageant Title crowning came down to you and one other contestant for the Large Crown, Scholarship Money, Diamond Necklace, etc. and the both of you were tied with the same score. The deal breaker will more than likely be the person who made the most eye contact and had the best personality which shined through your introduction/speech.


Want more secrets?

Check out this ebook!
I use these secrets myself!! :-)

 It'll definitely give you inside information!

Secrets To Winning Beauty Pageants
Tip #3
Secret Walk

Remember when I said earlier that as soon as you arrive at the Beauty Pageant all eyes are on you? So when you walk in the doors it has to be a confident secret pageant walk as well! Another TOP secret to winning beauty pageants is the walk!  The walk can tell everything about you!


You don't have to do a Pageant walk or Runway walk until you get on the stage, but your posture and walk in general should be strong and straight. In other words, try not to walk in the doors like your tired or you've just rolled out of bed! :-) (smile)


Even while you are walking around the Pageant location, whether it's a mall or hotel, remember you are being watched. Walk with energy.


When you get on stage in front of the judges and/or an audience, this is your time to shine!  Do your pageant walk.  Many Local Preliminary Beauty Pageants give you a guide on the floor to show you where to walk and turn.


Their usually marked with X's with tape. Many times there are 3 of them (sometimes just 1), one on the right side of the stage, one on the left side of the stage and one at the front or center of the stage closer to the judges.


My advice would be to follow the X's on the stage and use them to do your turns. You should not get on the stage and makeup your walking routine as you go along. The X's are their to guide you so please use them. You'll walk confidently to each X while looking at the judges.


You'll stop on each X and then turn around so they can see the back of your gown. Don't forget you are smiling with your mouth and your eyes (the other secret to winning beauty pageants) which brings out your bubbly personality and you're looking directly at them the whole time and walking as confidently as you can!

Your Secret Personality, Secret Eyes and Secret Pageant Walk are all TOP Secrets to Winning Beauty Pageants and will definitely give you the added advantage to winning the beauty pageants that you enter.


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