How To Be A Model Tips

These how to be a model tips, will help to get you started into local modeling or fashion modeling if you choose! People have probably told you that you look like a model or that you have modeling potential and that you should give it a shot, but maybe you're scared, maybe you tried and failed, maybe you really, really want to start local modeling, but don't have a clue on where to begin!

Ok, so you've come to the right place! I'm Cyndi and I first started out in Beauty Pageants and then moved to local modeling. Though I'm preparing for a Beauty Pageant in 2013, modeling is still what I love to do! Many think that pageants and modeling are different, but actually they go hand-in-hand in many aspects.

How are Pageants and Modeling similar?

If you want want to be a model and your migrating from pageantry, you must understand how the two connect or how they are similar. In both pageants and modeling, you have to walk, look good, speak well, where nice clothes, be confident, think on your feet, stay focused, keep your eyes on the subject (people or camera), be bold, but most importantly be you (of course there are some exceptions in modeling) !!

How are Pageants and Modeling different?

Now that you understand some of the similarities, now you have to really study and commit to memory their differences, which is where the how to be a Model Tips will come in handy!

How To Be A Model Tips
#1 - The Walk

When modeling, whether it's local modeling or international modeling or fashion modeling, you must know how to walk! If you're doing a style-show, your walk will not be the same as your pageant walk when competing in beauty pageants. Pageant walks have a slower pace and more of a glide to them, style-show walks also called "catwalks" are more upbeat with a semi to fast pace. However, don't get me wrong, some style-shows have models walk slow depending on the clothes they are wearing.

Ok, let's not forget you can always watch America's Next Top Model as well to learn how to walk! "Ms. J" on there is fierce on the runway and you can learn many "How To Be A Model Tips" from him! :-) I can't lie, I used to watch that show religiously!! lol Believe it or not, I took little model tips from Tyra, Ms. J and even some of the contestants, tweaked them with my own personal style and came up with my own walk and routines for fashion-shows.

Models who walk the catwalk (aka runway) have a much different demeanor than pageant contestants. Which brings me to the next model tip.

How To Be A Model Tips
#2 - Your Demeanor (Attitude)

So I mentioned demeanor in Tip #1. Your demeanor is your attitude, or how you protray yourself on stage or on the catwalk. It's how you focus on what it is you are doing. So for instance, if you are in a pageant, your demeanor maybe more pleasant, soft, gentle, happy, smiling/cheesing, calm. However, if you are on the catwalk and depending on what kind of style-show or fashion-show you are participating in, your demeanor maybe more fiery, fierce, diva-ish, sassy, hard, or not as happy.

Again, if you're doing a more fierce type of fashion modeling like a Hair-show for instance (which I've done by the way), you may have a demeanor like what I've mentioned above, but if your doing a Back-2-School Fashion-show (which I've also done), then your demeanor might be more happy, cheery, jolly, delightful, all smiles, fun attitude!

How To Be A Model Tips
#3 -
How Do I Get Started

Ok, so this is a question I get all the time from people who visit my website, friends of friends, people at pageants who want to cross over into local modeling or fashion modeling. Maybe you don't want to jump right into fashion modeling like what's on television, but you want to do a few things on a more local level aka local modeling. I started in beauty pageants and tried to find those pageants who had a model search competition or some type of runway competition within the pageant.

This helped me practice my model walk and helped me to get used to being on stage actually doing the different type of model walks that I described above. After competing in pageants for several years, I slowly migrated to local modeling.

However, because I wanted to learn more about the modeling industry, I subscribed to fashion magazines like

You can subscribe to many of these magazines online now-a-days or receive subscriptions in the mail. They will have tons of "How To Be A Model Tips" in them for you to start. I received many of them in the mail for reasons that I'll discuss later! Check Back Soon

However, I will say that I didn't have access to "How To Be A Model Tips" when I started, like what I'm sharing with you now!

Fashion Bug used to have Back-2-School Fashion shows every year right in the store for the public to watch (not sure if they still do).

If they still do in your hometown, please leave a comment below and what city you are in!

So, friends, check out Fashion Bug and see if they still do this, it was Free too!! Even better!!! I did this every year and had so much fun and made some contacts that took my local modeling career to another level!! :-)

Something else I did to learn how to be a model was sign up for the Barbizon School of Modeling! Yup I paid a whole lot of money to do this!

Check Back Soon as I will dedicate an entire page on what I learned, how they helped me, what I didn't like and things I'll coach you on without you spending all that money! :-)

Thanks and I hope these How To Be A Model Tips help you start your journey to "Local Modeling"!!!


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